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Corporate Yoga


Increase Employee Engagement with YOGA Garden’s Corporate Yoga Programs

YOGA Garden’s corporate yoga and innovation programs encourage students to become awake, aware and engaged with the choices they are making in their life and at work. At YOGA Garden, we see a yoga practice as an opportunity to discover the connection between movement and innovation, while at the same time becoming healthy and well.

We offer two programs for your organization, each designed to meet participants at the level they’re comfortable with. Each yoga program includes an expert teacher who will lead students safely through a practice contributing to healthy patterns . Programs run weekly at your organization.

Corporate Yoga Programs

Beginner – Designed for beginning students who have a desire to change and grow. Knowledgeable instructors help students scratch the surface and learn to move. The actions are simple, fluid and accessible to all yogis. Students will leave feeling invigorated, refreshed, and awake. Each class ends with a brief meditation.

Mixed Level/Continuing – Students learn to move with confidence and ease as they progress in their practice. We add in a few new yoga poses as we continue to build strength and flexibility. Students leave class feeling open and awake after a brief meditation.

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For 10-12 years, Laurel’s yoga classes have been a genuine benefit for Fallon’s fast-paced workplace. I appreciate that she’ll come to our office for an hour twice a week so we can clear our heads and stretch our bodies. I love that she can teach anyone at any level in a gentle and encouraging manner. I value that she’s always respectful of our schedules, begins and ends on time, and is welcoming of latecomers. Laurel has a beautiful practice that she shares with us via examples. And her demeanor always matches that of her poses—beautiful.

– Carrie Donovan FALLON

As an overweight 67-year-old woman, my initial hopes for taking yoga from Laurel were not high, but I have been pleased and relieved that I’ve been able to become more flexible, toned, and even lost weight. Laurel is a patient, gentle, and fun instructor, and holding the classes over the lunch hour at our workplace has made them so convenient that I couldn’t pass up such an opportunity to lessen my stress and to improve my energy and overall health.

– Linda Faust FALLON

As a lifelong student of yoga, I’ve had many instructors—some good, some great. Laurel is amazing. Although I have a gym membership, Laurel’s classes are so good that I prefer to take her classes during the workday. She keeps things fresh and challenging, and somehow finds a way to teach to every imaginable level at the same time. She seems to really understand that yoga in the middle of the week requires different “rules of engagement” than a class taken in a yoga studio. She accommodates our high-strung office demeanors with a gentleness that is impressive and necessary, given that we’ve all just come from meetings and have to go right back to them when we’re finished with class. It can’t be easy, but Laurel manages to be one of the best instructors in the city, and we are fortunate to have her.

-Julie Ruddy FALLON

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To inquire about setting up corporate yoga at your workplace please contact Laurel Van Matre at laurel@yogagardenmpls.com

You can read more about Laurel’s corporate yoga programs at www.yogagardenmpls.com